Islamic Watch

As the world's largest religion, Islam has a believer who accounts for about 24% of the world's population. Pilgrimage is a way for Islamic Muslims to express their piety to God. Muslims are required to pray five times a day for morning rituals, rites, rites, sluts and rituals. Therefore, for a devout Muslim believer, the accurate grasp of Islamic watches in the direction of worship and worship is crucial.

Islamic watches are specially set up for pilgrimage time reminders, city selection, and compass functions. The believer only needs to set the time of worship, and the pilgrimage can be used to screen and vibrate.

The Islamic watch is a product that helps Muslim believers to accurately grasp the time and direction. The position of the Muslim pilgrimage to the blue and red pointers of the watch allows the user to know his direction and direction of worship and help Muslim worshippers.
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