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Qibla watch(Muslim watch) application

Islam, as the world's largest religion, has followers of approximately 24% of the world's population. Prayer is a way for Muslims in Islam to express their devotion to Allah. Muslims have to pray 5 times a day, morning, asr, asr, faint, and Isha. Therefore, for a devout Muslim believer, accurate grasp of the time and direction of qibla is very important.

A Qibla watch is born as a natural application, which can help Muslims accurately grasp the time and direction. It also specifically sets up Qibla time reminders, city selection, and compass functions.

The worshippers only need to set the Qibla time, and the Qibla watch can provide screen and vibration reminders; 55 city selections also provide accurate locations for worshipers; the blue and red pointers’ position indication function allows users to know their direction and The direction of qibla. All this provides help for Muslims to worship.

Qibla watch is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has many functions. In addition to setting the qibla time, qibla city, and compass, it also has many digital functions such as MP3, MP4, recording, repeating, picture preview, e-book, storage and so on. In addition to bringing unique entertainment to Muslims, these functions can also be used to learn doctrinal culture, appreciate music and worship.

Qibla watch adopts high-efficiency decoding chip, so that it can support video and film playback of NVX format files. You can watch movies and listen to music in the watch. It has a 1.44-inch 65K color TFT true color screen, high-definition images, and a resolution of 128*128. The video picture is clear and delicate, the color transition is natural, and the playback effect is amazing. The song is played in a loop and can be played continuously for 8 hours. Qibla watch built-in 1GB-8GB capacity, you can enjoy the fun of storing video, audio and other files.